In addition to my commercial work, I'm also available to hire for portraiture, wedding photography and lifestyle photography, as well as wedding cinematography and video production.

Please click the icon below to check out my portrait and wedding portfolio.

Site07 Creative | Site07 Creative | ABOUT | Video Production, Motion-Graphics, Photography, Branding, Web Design | Denver, CO
Site07 Creative is an imaginative, story-driven provider for Video Production, Motion-Graphics, Photography, Branding, and Web Design in Denver, Colorado. With over 14 years of experience in advertising and design, Site07 partners with clients to create positive, compelling brand experiences that enhance businesses and connect with audiences on a human level. We specialize in cinematography, videography, editing, motion-graphics, visual effects, post-production, commercial photography, corporate branding, logo design, web design, and mobile design, generating award-winning work, at competitive prices.
Denver, Colorado, Video Production, Videography, Cinematography, Video Editing, Motion-Graphics, Photography, Web Design, Branding, Logo Design, Site07 Creative, Douglas Koke
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Everyone has a story worth telling WELL.

Site07 is an imaginative, forward-thinking creative shop, founded on the bedrock principle that good ideas and quality execution MATTER.

Hey, There!


Welcome to Site07 Creative. My name’s Doug Koke. I’m a freelance filmmaker, videographer, photographer, designer and motion-graphics artist, operating out of the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado.


My career officially began in 2001, but I was obsessed with visual media and content creation long before then. I’ve worked as a writer, musician,  web-contractor, and senior designer. I spent 6 years residing as Creative Director for a national ad-agency and streaming media provider before deciding to strike out on my own again in 2012. My background is a little scatter-shot, I’ll admit, but I’ve found that working in multiple disciplines comes in remarkably handy– artistically, and as a project-manager.


Since my return to freelancing, I’ve worked hard to build meaningful, rewarding partnerships with my clients, and a portfolio both my customers and I can be proud of.


Working as an independent has often meant longer hours, and less money, but it has absolutely been worth it. I truly enjoy collaborating more closely with customers, and I’m producing better work that I ever have before. This is my life’s true calling, and I couldn’t be any happier pursuing it.


Feel free to take a look at my work to see what I’m capable of, or browse the services page to see how I might help you and your brand. You can request a quote, ask a question, or drop me a note any time on my contact page. Just let me know what I can do for you!

What I Do


I create compelling, story-based, people-driven media for businesses and individuals, alike. Drawing on creativity, practical skill, and over a decade of marketing expertise, I’ll work closely with you to connect with audiences in a way that’s immediate, effective, and memorable.


Video Production
Motion Design
Branding + Identity
Graphic Design
Web Design


Producing quality work is definitely my highest priority, however, I’m a big believer that form should always compliment function. I genuinely love making eye-candy, but I’m extremely vigilant to ensure that the message comes first, and all content positively reflects your brand, enhances your aesthetics, and helps you achieve your goals. After all, what good is having beautiful media, if it doesn’t contribute to your success?


Balancing imagination and pragmatism, I apply solid advertising instincts, and a lifetime’s passion for taking creative risks, developing projects that are visually-striking, while still fulfilling their purpose as effective marketing tools.


My primary motivation is to help my clients craft a persuasive message, but I get to make some pretty nifty stuff, too. Everything from logo designs to documentary films.

Why I Do It


Site07 represents more than just a paycheck to me. I could probably make life a lot easier on myself if I returned to an agency job,  but I genuinely love the immediacy and close-collaboration that freelancing affords me. It’s a way for me to connect with others who share my love of film-making, image and design, and draw inspiration from other upstarts and independent thinkers.


My work in visual media has connected me with mentors, shown me new ideas, and introduced me to many clients and colleagues I now call my friends.


Film-making, motion-graphics, photography, web design — all the things I do — are both technologies, and art-forms. They are constantly evolving on multiple levels. Styles change, new techniques emerge, equipment improves, and the process of keeping up invariably exposes me to new ideas, and forward-thinking people. This forces me to stay sharp, and gets me excited about the work, and the people I’m around.


My professional goal is simple — to create the best work I am capable of. To use my skill and expertise to enhance and benefit my clients. To help their businesses grow, and their positions to improve.


As a nice byproduct, I sometimes get to bring a little bit of joy, or entertainment into people’s lives, and I’m incredibly grateful for that.


To quote David Mamet, “I’m afraid of only two things: being lazy and being cowardly”.  As much as I’m able, I try to apply that sentiment to each and every distinct project.

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