In addition to my commercial work, I'm also available to hire for portraiture, wedding photography and lifestyle photography, as well as wedding cinematography and video production.

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Site07 Creative | Continuity Image + Motion
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Continuity Image + Motion

Continuity Image + Motion

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Introducing, Continuity Image + Motion!


I’m incredibly pleased to announce that I’ve just launched a new brand, a new company, and a new website for my work in portrait photography and wedding cinema.


Continuity is a hybrid photo / video boutique, specializing in beautiful editorial portrait photography, and breathtaking wedding cinema.


The company was born out of my desire to separate my portrait and wedding video work from my business clients, so that I could really focus on each concern individually.


Portrait & Wedding Photography | Denver, CO


Portrait Photography | Denver, CO



I wanted to make sure that I was serving both sets of clientele to the fullest of my abilities, and found that it was difficult to do so when I was trying to attend to such disparate types of customers, with radically different concerns.


I was never really able to tailor a message to my wedding and portrait clients without somewhat alienating my business clients, and wasn’t able to efficiently address my business clients, because I had posted so much non-commercial material.



Wedding Video Production | Denver, CO


Wedding Video Production | Denver, CO


It’s my sincere hope that with the opening of Continuity Image + Motion, I will now be able to serve both sets of clients with care, attention, and quality they deserve.


So, from today, moving forward Site07 Creative will serve my business and corporate clients only.


Continuity will handle portraits and weddings. and Site07 will continue to create innovative, engaging promotional films, websites, logo designs, and all the things I do to help businesses define their brand, and reach their customers.


I cannot possibly thank all of my past and present clients enough for all their support, and inspiration along the way. It has been a true pleasure to serve each and every one of you, and I’m hoping to build on those relationships, and deliver quality results to new clients for many, many years to come.


Thank you for making Site07 Creative what it is!


And if you’d like to stop by the new place at Continuity Image + Motion, please do!

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