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Site07 Creative | BTS | Photohispana Fashion Shoot
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BTS | Photohispana Fashion Shoot

BTS | Photohispana Fashion Shoot

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I had an AWESOME time yesterday, filming behind-the-scenes footage for a fashion shoot at Denver’s beautiful Parkside Mansion for PhotoHispana.

The video you see above is a *very* quick edit of a few segments I shot with a technique that’s sometimes called “shoot-move-shoot”, with is much like the techniques used to photograph stop-motion animation. Basically, I moved the camera in space as I normally would, but instead of shooting video at 24 frames-per-second, I’m holding down the shutter on a stills-camera in burst mode– taking as many frames as possible before the camera’s buffer fills up. Those resulting images are then brought into After Effects, and assembled into a stop-motion sequence.


I think it produced a really cool effect, and I’m glad I decided to try it. What do you think?



The rest of the images here are a few frames taken from the more traditional video I shot along with my camera assistant, Kris Farruggia, who’s help was invaluable. I ended up filming about 120GBs of footage, so there’s a lot to go through, but these are a few images that jumped out at me immediately.




My *GIGANTIC* thanks go to Maria Esquivel, and Keziah Kelsey for organizing the event; the hilarious and talented Francis Roces, who designed the clothing, and Cejana Ferreria, Kasey McKean, and Ashley Taylor for the beautiful makeup and hair.  Thanks to all the photographers for putting up with me wandering into your frames!








Extra-special thanks to the lovely models Luna, Ava, Risa, Robina and Emily for their patience, their poise and looking AMAZING on-camera. It was an absolute treat working with all of you!





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