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A product demonstration video, created for Modern Christmas Trees, showing viewers how to assemble the product, and what items are included with their purchase.
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Modern Christmas Trees | Product Demonstration Video

Project Details

With the holiday season fast-approaching– or, it was when I wrote this — I’ve teamed up with the amazing people at Modern Christmas Trees to release a new series of promotional videos for their absolutely beautiful line of mid-century modern Christmas trees.


This time around, MCT owner and founder, Matt Bliss, asked me to create a video that would help educate his potential buyers and exisiting customers about how to assemble the tree, and what items would be included in their purchase.


Far and away, the thing Matt hears most often from would-be customers is, “That’s so cool! … How does it work?“, so it was really important to him to produce a video that addressed his clients’ curiosity directly. We had a clear goal from the outset to make a presentation that would serve as an effective bit of product education, a great sales piece, and a way to save Matt countless hours of answering emails, explaining how the trees function.


Rather than produce a bland, boring sequence of lists and Power-Point graphics, Matt and I wanted to make sure that the video paid due respect to the trees’ visual beauty, while still being pragmatic and informative. These trees are genuinely smile-inspiring and just plain AWESOME, so I worked hard to ensure that the assembly process was true to the real-life experience– fast, easy, and a lot of fun.


To that effect, we cast a real-life couple, Elizabeth and Cody, to help us show viewers how simple it is to put a tree together, and what an entertaining process it really is. Even though they were probably a little warm wearing sweaters in front of a fireplace during summer’s end in Colorado, they did a phenomenal job. I can’t thank them enough for their contribution.

Project Roles

Direction | Cinematography | Motion-Design | Post-Production | Editing | Branding


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