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A short promotional video created for Photohispana, a photography school based in Washington D.C. and Denver, Colorado -- featuring the beautiful Parkside Mansion, and the genre-bending work of fashion designer, Francis D. Roces.
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Photo Hispana | Behind The Scenes Promo

Project Details

Photohispana is a photography studio and school founded by veteran photo-journalist, Maria Elena Esquivel. Headquartered in Washington D.C., the group has recently expanded to begin offering classes and photography events in Denver, CO.


As part of their hands-on courses, Photohispana and Creative Director Keziah Kelsey organized a fashion shoot featuring the work of avant garde fashion designer, Francis D. Roces, who describes the collection shown here as a mashup between traditional asian dress, Japanese anime, and the singular esthetic of sci-fi legend and inventor of cyberpunk, author William Gibson.


I was absolutely delighted when Maria and Photohispana commissioned me to capture behind-the-scenes footage of the designer, makeup artists, hairstylists, models and photography students at work for a short promotional video.


Given the eclectic subject matter, and the main mission of the photography school, I tried to be a little adventurous myself. I shot with a brand new camera– a Canon C100 — a new jib and a new steadicam rig. I also decided to eschew the traditional 24-frames-per-second of film and video for a few segments. Instead, I picked up my Canon 5D Mark III stills camera, and set it in burst mode, moving around the models as normal, but rather than shooting video, capturing still-frames as fast as I possibly could. I then took the resulting images and imported them into the editing suite as a sequence, much like time-lapse, or stop-motion animation. I think it produced a really cool effect!


Designer: Francis Roces  |  Executive Producer: Maria Esquivel  |  Creative Director – Denver : Keziah Kelsey
Makeup Artist: Cejana Ferreira  |  Makeup Artist: Kasey McKean  |  Hairstylist: Ashley Taylor

Ava Dalgaard  | Luna Minuit  | Risa Scott  | Rubina Gaspar  | Emily Siadak

Shoot Assistant:
Tachi Rivera


Special Thanks: Lisa Wyatt, Manager, Parkside Mansion.

Project Roles

Direction | Cinematography | Stop-Motion Photography | Motion-Design | Post-Production | Editing

Additional Personnel

2nd Camera Operator : Kris Farruggia


Motion, Photography, Video