In addition to my commercial work, I'm also available to hire for portraiture, wedding photography and lifestyle photography, as well as wedding cinematography and video production.

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Site07 Creative | TEDx ISU | Motion-Design
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TEDx ISU | Motion-Design

Project Details

I was absolutely thrilled to collaborate with 303 Post on this short video presented at a TED Talk given by the International Space University.


I should mention right away that I was incredibly happy to be working with 303 Post’s ridiculously talented founder, Todd Jones. The man’s a creative powerhouse — I honestly can’t keep track of every project he has going on at any given time. He’s easily one of the most prolific people I know. His interests and abilities are beyond eclectic, and he throws himself fully into all of them– photography, video, animation, installation art, car restoration, dog training. It’s CRAZY.


Cap that off with being able to work with glorious HD footage from the International Space Station, and my little nerdy heart nearly exploded. The time-lapse sequences provided by NASA are some of the most breathtaking images I’ve ever seen. It was a real treat to add my $.02 to such beautiful video.

Project Roles

Motion-Design | Compositing | Visual Effects

Additional Personnel

Produced by: 303 Post | Music: Ryan Franks