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WIP | Promo Video + Mini-Documentary

WIP | Promo Video + Mini-Documentary

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I recently began working on a pair of video projects that I’m *extremely* excited about. REALLY excited about.




A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt, one of Colorado’s best and brightest surgeons, to collaborate with him on a promotional film for his facial plastic and reconstructive surgery practice, and a mini-documentary featuring the amazing story of one of his pro bono patients, Matt.






I can’t reveal too many details before we complete the film (probably sometime in January /February), but I can say that I’ve shot a couple of interviews with Matt, and was incredibly, profoundly moved but what he had to say.




This man’s willingness to be completely candid and risk appearing vulnerable on-camera was easily one of the most courageous acts I’ve ever witnessed. After spending a few hours with Matt, I was rendered utterly humbled. Speechless.


I have no problem admitting that my assistant Kris and I were both getting choked up as we worked behind the camera. Listening to this man speak about the ridicule, cruelty, and abject humiliation he faces daily due to his facial disfigurement was completely heart-wrenching.


Matt is a extraordinarily kind, thoughtful, honest human being, and listening to him talk about the adversity his condition has brought him was deeply moving. At many points, I wanted to abandon the shot, and give him a hug.  It really upset me to hear about such a nice man receiving such terrible treatment based on his appearance. I instantly felt VERY protective of him.




He’s a remarkable individual, and I’m so proud that I get to help him tell his story. So far, this is definitely one of the best work experiences I’ve ever had– on any project, or any job. I feel insanely lucky to have been entrusted with this one.


Dr. Schmidt is also a FANTASTIC physician, and just generally a great guy. He’s compassionate, funny, and very, very bright. He’s a young guy who’s accomplished A LOT very early, and I was incredibly impressed with his kindness, generosity, and down-to-earth demeanor. I’ve really enjoyed working with him.






I was fortunate enough to film Matt a few days before he underwent his procedures, as well as the reconstructive surgery itself– which I’m happy to say was a great success! — and will be meeting with him again in a few weeks to talk with him about his recovery, and what, if any, changes his procedure has made in his life. I CAN’T WAIT.





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