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Site07 Creative | Site07 Creative | WORK | V-Moda, HBO True Blood Media Players
Interface Design, Graphics, and Animation for V-Moda's branded specialty media-player for HBO's acclaimed True Blood Series. Services rendered include creative direction, layout, user-experience design, interface design, graphics, and animation.
Denver, Colorado, V-Moda, HBO, True Blood, Media Player Design, Graphic Design, Interface Design, Branding, User Experience, Site07 Creative
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V-Moda True Blood Media Players

Project Details

V-Moda manufactures boutique, couture headphones for DJs, producers, serious audiophiles and club-culture fashionistas.


These guys pay attention to every last detail. The headphones themselves display amazing quality in all aspects of their performance, and are built with a level of materials usually reserved for luxury cars. Even the box they come in is a work of art. (They sent 2 pairs to my old office, and everyone fought over them. I lost.)


Now take all that, and combine it with the dizzying production value of HBO’s epic vampire series, True Blood, and things start to get plain old intimidating.


While serving as Creative Director at Liquid Compass, I was tasked with merging the these two heavyweight brands into one badass media player to promote V-Moda’s exclusive line of True Blood headphones.

Project Roles

Art Direction | Interface Design | Flash Animation


Featured, Web + Graphics